31 August 2017

Winners’ Showcase

The exhibition will be held from 15 December 2017 to 14 January 2018,
at the School of the Arts (SOTA) Art Gallery in Singapore.

Submission guidelines

All photographers must submit their work online. Prints are not accepted as part of the competition.

Please complete all required fields in the submission form below.


Single Image – Submissions will be judged based on each, individual image

Series – Submissions will be judged based on the series of a minimum of 5 images

Digital images submitted should be saved as .jpg, in sRGB format and not exceed 2 MB per file, at 72dpi. All images must follow this format of naming, in lowercase: lastname_firstname_number.jpg

For example: James Tan entering 3 images –

tan_james_01.jpg, tan_james_02.jpg, tan_james_03.jpg

For submissions to the series category, place all images in a zip folder for upload. The zip folder containing all images should not be larger than 20MB.

Winners will be required to submit high-resolution image files to be printed for the Winners’ Showcase. High-resolution files should be at least 4,800 pixels at its shortest dimension, (approx. 50 cm x 40 cm size), and must be of exhibition quality.


Both photographers and filmmakers are welcome to submit related time-based works, no longer than 4:00 minutes in duration. Entries to this category must be submitted as a video – a URL link to the video, along with 5 still images from the video, should be uploaded. An entry to the Moving Image category is not eligible to be considered in any other category. These pieces may be short films, slideshows, music videos, etc., and may include dialogue and/or music.

Moving images submitted should be uploaded onto Vimeo or any other video-sharing platform and set to private with a link to the uploaded video attached to the submission. If there is a password to access the uploaded video file, please include it in the submission form under section C, in field C2 Entry Description.

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